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GSKC Club Newsletter #10 August 2023

Round 5 (Saturday 9th September)

Come race at your local Sydney metro track

I’d like to extend an invitation to all drivers to attend our meeting on Saturday 9th September.

There will be practice sessions from 9.00am to 12.00pm and Qualifying will commence at 12.30pm. Racing will continue into the evening with the Finals running under lights.

This is our final round before the track is re-asphalted, so make the most of the opportunity.


We will be running a Bring-a-Mate session so you can introduce friends and family to karting in a friendly club environment. Contact Josh at [email protected] for more details.

Track Upgrade begins in September!

This will be our last meeting before the Indy 800 race track upgrade.

The scope of works for the upgrade encompasses a comprehensive survey of the existing track surface and milling to reduce the track unevenness, replacing the track surface and kerbs to meet modern racing standards, including upgrading the lighting systems, if the budget should extend that far.

The Indy 800 race track upgrade aims to elevate the racing experience, attract top-tier events, and solidify its position as a racing venue.

The upgrade will commence after our next race meeting and continue through September and October.

Congratulations to Pam Matthews!

There’s no one in our club that doesn’t know and appreciate Pam Mattews who is celebrating 30 years (!!) of involvement in the club. Pam and Andy on behalf of our club and all the karters you have helped in NSW, we want to say a huge heartfelt THANKYOU! You have made many of us feel at home, helped us enjoy karting and recorded our history with your photos. Thanks again!

All club members, please make a point of congratulating Pam and Andy at our next meeting.

2023 Calendar

● Round 1 Saturday 4th February

● Round 2 Saturday 18th March

● Round 3 Saturday 27th May

● Round 4 Sunday 18th June

● Round 5 – Saturday 9th September

● Sep/Oct – Track Resurfacing


Private practice is available at the Indy800 track on Friday 8th September and can be arranged by contacting Indy800 directly on 02 4575 1265