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About Us

North Shore Kart Club was formed in 1993 and in 2022 we became Greater Sydney Kart Club.

The intention of its founders was to promote karting in the Sydney metropolitan area by building a karting facility close to the population centre. Within a couple of years this had been realised, through a commercial facility built at Eastern Creek.

Soon after it was completed, North Shore Kart Club commenced using the Eastern Creek facility for monthly race meetings. The combination of an arrive-and-drive commercial facility incorporating a kart shop, 7 day a week 2-stroke practice and regular 2-stroke race meetings in the centre of the metropolitan area saw a large number of new karters join the sport.

North Shore Kart Club has hosted many major race meetings over the years. These include:

  • The 2007 AKA National Titles
  • 1999, 2000, 2001 Australian CIK Championships
  • 1999 “One-Off” State Championships
  • 2000 Oceania Championships
  • 2000 Ford Max Challenge
  • 2001 ProNats (Rotax & ReSa National Championships)
  • 2002 NSW Senior State Championships
  • 2005 Kartstars/CIK
  • 2007 AKA National Titles
  • 2009 Rotax Nationals

The Club has since moved to the Indy800 Kart Track and changed our name to Greater Sydney Kart Club.

Late in 2023 the track has been resurfaced and the club is looking forward to running some big events as is grows in its new home with new name.