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GSKC Club Newsletter #4 March 2023

Our second race for 2023 is just a week away on Saturday 18th March.Registrations are now live! Unfortunately we’ve not been able to make them live earlierdue to the transition to the new Karting Australia KOMP registration website and App.Registering through KOMP requires you to transition from the old Karting AustraliaCMS and set up your kart, transponder, engine and membership in the new system. Thistakes about 15 minutes at RACE IS ON, so get registered and get everything ready for a great weekend ofracing!Pit AllocationThis meeting we will be trialing a different way of pit area parking. To create morespace, we will be having trailers and vans park parallel to the track straight, rather thanperpendicular as has happened at past meetings. Parking will be coordinated on theday.Introducing 4SS to Club RoundsThis round we will be introducing 4SS Medium Class into our competition. AroundAustralia 4SS is growing in popularity with large fields and great racing so spread theword that we’re running 4SS for Senior drivers.Invite another RacerIt’s great to see our club days gaining momentum. Let’s all invite another racer to ournext meeting and see if we can hit 50 entries.Bring-a-MateAfter receiving such good feedback, we will be running Bring-a-Mate at each Round soyou can introduce friends and family to our karting in a friendly club environment.Make the most of our TrackThe Indy800 track is different to every other track in the Sydney region. It’s technicallyand physically challenging for our seniors and an excellent track for our juniors todevelop their skills. The tight turns help develop better racecraft than the fast flowingturns of other tracks.2023 CalendarOur calendar of events for 2023 is now available on our website or at the KartingAustralia NSW website. This year we have six race meetings on the following dates:Round 1 Saturday 4th FebruaryRound 2 Saturday 18th MarchRound 3 Saturday 6th May (to be rescheduled)Round 4 Sunday 18th JuneRound 5 Saturday 9th SeptemberRound 6 Saturday 11th November (Greater Sydney Cup)We’ve worked hard to avoid clashing with other events held in and around Sydney soyou can make the most of our Club championship.Greater Sydney CupOur Greater Sydney Cup will be held in November to celebrate what we hope will be agreat year of racing for all our club members, so start thinking about who you can inviteto participate. It will be a great way to finish the 2023 race season.Major Announcement Coming SoonWe’ve got a major announcement coming soon, so stay tuned.